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General topics
  • Where can I get more information about ScanSnap scanners and ultimately, purchase one?
    • Before you decide which scanner is perfect for you, visit the Fujitsu site in order to compare the different models (iX100 / iX1500 / S1100i / S1300i / SV600) and features. If you would like to purchase a scanner, please check with our favourite online retailer or check here for a list of partners.
  • Why don’t ScanSnap scanners come with TWAIN drivers?
    • The short answer is we simply can’t make ScanSnap the easy one-touch scanner while running on a TWAIN driver. Click here for more details.
  • My scans are going in backwards. Is there a way to set up my ScanSnap for face-up scanning using a PC?
    • Yes and this is a simple settings change. Here’s how you do it:

      • Open the ScanSnap Manager
      • Click on the “Scanning” tab and select “Option…”
      • Click the box for “Place document face up”
      • Now you should be set to scan documents face up.
  • I have multiple business cards that I would like to export from CardMinder to Microsoft Excel. How would I go about doing this?
    • You can easily export business cards from CardMinder to Microsoft Excel along with other applications such as Outlook, Act, SalesForce, etc. With Quick Menu Enabled: (Quick Menu will launch after cards are scanned, allowing you to easily select a function from the Quick Menu)

      • 1. After scanning your business card, click “Scan to CardMinder” from the Quick Menu.
      • 2. CardMinder will launch and automatically extract the data from your business cards. Make sure that the right information was extracted. You can also modify the extracted information as needed.
      • 3. Now, decide which fields you want to extract. Open the “CardMinder Options” by clicking the CardMinder icon at the top left of the application and click “Options”
      • 4. From the “CardMinder Options” dialog click “Itemized Records.” Choose the data fields that you want to export and click [OK].
      • 5. Click the “Application” drop down icon and choose Excel. Now click the “Application” icon, your business card data will be exported to Excel.

      It’s that simple! Now you can easily scan your business cards and export the data directly to Excel.

  • Can I scan more than 100 pages into one PDF file?
    • Even though the ADF only holds 50 documents at a time, you can continue to feed paper once the initial scan is finished. Having the ability to continue scanning once your current batch is complete can save a lot of time. Instead of creating multiple files for a large batch you can easily create a single file for your entire batch.
  • The ScanSnap Quick Menu does not have the application that I want it to scan to. Can I add an application?
    • Yes, the scanner comes with several applications to help operators be productive with their scanned paperwork and business cards. If the application can open and view a PDF or JPEG file, it can be added directly into the quick menu. Here’s an example on how to add Photoshop as a new application to the quick menu:

      • 1. Double-click on the ScanSnap icon in the task tray
      • 2. De-select Quick Menu. (Quick Menu will not have a check mark next to it when it is disabled.)
      • 3. From the Application tab, click [Add or Remove…]
      • 4. In the Add and Remove Application dialog, click [Add…]
      • 5. The Application Settings dialog will appear. Click [Browse…] and locate the Photoshop .exe file (example: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6…).
      • 6. Click [Open]
      • 7. In the Application Settings dialog name the application and click [OK] (example: Adobe Photoshop). Add a description if needed
      • 8. You can also choose the file format that is supported (PDF or JPG) and Click [OK]

      Now you can turn on your Quick Menu and start scanning to your preferred application!

  • Why do vertical lines and small stains appear on my images?
    • The glass or the white sheet, both of which are located in the scanning component of your ScanSnap, might be dirty. Clean them in the same manner as described in the Operator’s Guide. [How to clean the scanner] Open the cover and wipe the glass and the white sheet with a clean cloth that is free of fiber dust (e.g. spectacle cloth).

      • Since dirt on the glass and or the white sheet is difficult to remove, use cleaner F1 which can be purchased from the dealer where you bought your ScanSnap, or your nearest Fujitsu office.
      • Do not use water or neutral detergent to clean the inside of the ScanSnap.
      • Do not use any aerosol sprays to clean the ScanSnap. Dust blown up by strong air from the spray may enter inside of the ScanSnap. This may cause the ScanSnap to fail, malfunction or scanning errors.
      • The paste on the cutout of magazine or book will not come off without carefully wiping with Cleaner F1 or anhydrous alcohol.
  • What can I do if I cannot scan a document when the Scan button is flashing?
    • It depends on what color the lamp is flashing.

      Flashing OrangeThis my be due to a hardware error. Please kindly contact your nearest Fujitsu service center for assistance. Only for iX100, a flashing orange light could also mean low battery. Check that your battery is fully charged.
      Flashing BlueScanSnap is not recognized or disconnected from the computer When the scanner is not found, the appearance of ScanSnap Manager icon in the notification area of Windows® is changed to . Refer to the following for details: The ScanSnap icon status in a taskbar indicateds “Not Communicating” even when I turn on the ScanSnap, so I can’t make any scans. (Window® users only) How to confirm ScanSnap error messages on the computer Right click the ScanSnap Manager icon, navigate to [Help] →[Help] and select [ScanSnap Manager Messages] to display the error messages.
  • How can I get technical support?
  • Am I able to scan photos?
    • Although ScanSnap is intended for scanning documents, you can scan your photos using the iX1500. We recommend using the included carrier sheet when scanning in order to protect your delicate document from any damage. By increasing the DPI to excellent, you will have the highest resolution settings and you should save them as JPEGs.

  • Can the iX1500 scan long documents?
    • Yes, the ScanSnap iX1500 can scan a document that is up to 34 inches long. All you have to do is activate the long document scanning functionality by holding down the blue ‘Scan’ button on your scanner for 3 seconds until the light starts flashing.

  • Can I scan to web-based emails such as Gmail and Yahoo?
    • Yes, you can do this through the ScanSnap Folder. Using ScanSnap Folder, you can easily attach documents to any web-based application. Skip the multiple steps that you would take to browse and attach a file.

  • If I do not have a disc drive, can I download the software?
    • Yes, you can download the software by filling out the download request form. Here is the link to the software request form.

  • Can I scan directly from a mobile device?
    • Yes, iX1500 is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, giving you wireless convenience. You can directly scan and save image data to mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet devices through the wireless network.


      • A computer is required in order to initialize ScanSnap iX1500.
      • A wireless access point and router (sold separately) that can connect both ScanSnap iX1500 and a mobile device are required.
  • I have many ScanSnap generated PDF files. How do I perform OCR on all of these files at once?
    • You can use ScanSnap Organizer to convert them into searchable PDF files in one process.

      [Making PDF searchable files]

      • 1. Launch ScanSnap Organizer, select the PDF file that you wish to make searchable, select [PDF file]->[Convert into searchable PDF]->[Execute]. This can also be done by clicking on the [Convert into searchable PDF] icon or by selecting [Convert into searchable PDF] from the right-click menu.
      • 2. Select settings such as “Pages, “Timing”, “Language for conversion to searchable files” and “Error handling” in the settings window and click on [OK]. Set the following configuration if you want OCR processing to occur while your computer is idle.
        • Pages: All
        • Timing: Execute when computer is idle
        • Error handling: Ignore error and continue

      [Simultaneously converting files in a specified folder into searchable PDF files]

      • 1. Launch ScanSnap Organizer, select the folder containing the PDF files that you wish to convert into searchable PDFs. Select [PDF file] from the ->Convert into searchable PDF]->[Execute]. This can also be done by clicking on the [Convert PDF files into searchable ones] icon or by selecting [Convert into searchable PDF] from the right-click menu.
      • 2. Select settings such as “Pages”, “Timing” and “Language for conversion to searchable files” in the settings window and click on [OK]. Set the following configuration if you want OCR processing to occur while your computer is idle.
        • Pages: All
  • Scan to Google Docs(TM) function does not work.
  • Why the scanned image is partially lost or displayed in white?
    • In the ScanSnap setup dialog box, did you specify other than the [Automatic detection] for [Paper size] on the [Paper] tab? If you specify the paper size, S1100 scans the document as specified from the left side. Please try either of the following resolutions.

      [Resolution 1]

      In the ScanSnap setup dialog box, specify the [Automatic detection] for [Paper size] on the [Paper] tab.
      Note: After above setting is changed, the whole document can be scanned despite of the place where the document is loaded on the paper chute.

      [Resolution 2]

      If you do not change the [Paper size] setting, set and place the document on the left side of the paper chute.

  • Can I darken the color of scanned images?
    • Yes, of course. Try the following procedure on the [Scanning mode option] of ScanSnap Manager.

      [B&W] Scanning

      By sliding the bar on [Brightness (Black and White scanning only)], you can adjust the brightness from 11 levels. The scanning result will be blighter if you slide the bar to left, and will be darker if you slide the bar to the right considering the center is the standard.

      [Color] Scanning

      Select [Setting for text only document] check box before scanning.
      (By selecting this check box will emphasize the lightening of the image data.)

  • The error message “An internal error occurred. (0xc008)” appears when I try to launch ScanSnap Manager.
    • If the [Link] folder has been moved to a location other than the default location in Windows Vista®/ Windows® 7, the shortcut of ScanSnap Folder is tried to be created at the default location and the following error message appears.

      Installing the latest update of ScanSnap Manager solves the malfunction.

  • Why does my ScanSnap fail to recognize a business card?
      • Is the business card written in a language other than the one specified for text recognition? Press the [Recognition] button under the [Home] tab in Ribbon to specify the language for text recognition that corresponds to the language written on the business card.
      • Is the business card image displayed in the correct orientation? Correct the image orientation and press the [Recognition] button under the [Home] tab in Ribbon.
      • Are the front and back sides of the business card image data switched? Turn over the business card and press the [Recognition] button under the [Home] tab in Ribbon.
  • Can I adjust the height of my SV600 scanner?
    • No, the height of the scanner is not adjustable. An adjustable height would make it difficult to calibrate the camera and the LED lights, which provide the best images possible.

  • What is the fastest way to scan a book?
    • There are multiple features with the ScanSnap SV600 that allow you to have the best image quality and to quickly scan a multi-page book. The automatic book image correction feature will automatically correct any distortion that is caused by the curve of an opened book. Just enable the page turning detection mode in which the SV600 will recognize when a page is turned and continue scanning.

  • Why aren’t my pages cropping?
    • There are a couple things to make sure you’re doing in order to get the pages to crop correctly. The first is to make sure that the book is flush against the scanner and the second is to make sure that the center of the book is lined up to the indent in the middle of the scanner. It will also help to hold down the sides of the pages with your fingertips and ensure that you are scanning with the included background mat.

  • Why should I use ScanSnap Organizer to save my PDFs?
    • ScanSnap Organizer stores all of your scanned documents in one place. It also enables you to go back and edit the images after you have already saved them. With this option, you are easily able to search for your document and send your scans various applications.

  • What happens if the book is thicker than 30mm?
    • Once the thickness of a book exceeds 30mm, you will start you lose your image quality and curvature correction. The maximum of 30mm is to ensure the highest image quality and accuracy when you use OCR on the document.

  • What was changed from the previous ScanSnap models? (What are the new features?)
    • The new features of SV600 are:

      • 1. Scanning from a distant with contactless scanning technology
        The scanning unit on the head of SV600 radiates light towards the document, and then CCD line sensor perceives the reflected light to scan. In other words, the scanning unit does not touch documents. So you can scan thick documents such as books without cutting pages out.
      • 2. Scanning multiple documents at once.
        You can scan multiple documents placed in the scanning area at one time.
      • 3. Scanning up to A3 document
        You can scan documents larger than A4 size without cutting or bending.
      • 4. ScanSnap SV600 and another ScanSnap scanner can be connected to the same computer You can connect SV600 and another ScanSnap to the same computer. When both ScanSnap models are connected and turned on, you can use one of them at a time.(*1).

        The following ScanSnap models can be connected to the computer and used together with SV600:
        iX500 (*2) / S1500 / S1500M / S1300i / S1300 / S1100 / S510 / S300

      (*1) You cannot use two scanners to scan documents at the same time. Make sure you have completed the required procedure from scanning documents to linking with the application before switching scanners.

      (*2) You cannot connect iX500 to a computer via Wi-Fi when SV600 is connected. Use a USB cable to connect iX500 and the computer.